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United Cycling distribute the following brands within the segments of Cycling and Triathlon in Scandinavia and Germany.
[brands varies cross borders]

Argon 18 takes its work seriously. To become and remain one of the top high-end bicycle manufacturers in the world you must offer products of impeccable quality // Argon18.com

POC Sports is a Swedish company with a strong mission to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists // poc.com

Cover the physical demands of the cyclist with the right ischial support combined with ultimate speed determined by several key factors // prologo.com

Full Speed Ahead (FSA) produces world class bicycle components for road cycling and mountain biking and we support many of the world’s leading road and mountain bike teams // fsa.com

Isostar is a manufacturer and distributor of carefully researched and developed sports nutrition products, created with only the best food-based ingredients // isostar.com

Corima has always worked with professionals been involved in many prestigious victories and setting of new records and continue to do so with numerous athletes // corima.com

Biknd Helium Travel Bike has won many design awards, and honourable mention. The bag was chosen as official case, by the Garmin-Transition Pro Cycling Team and many other teams // biknd.com

Sako7 is a range of socks and cycling apparel created by Sean Sakinofsky, a road cyclist originally from Cape Town, South Africa // sako7.com



Closing the gap.

United Cycling carry brands and equipment that will inspire every high quality conscious and serious cyclist. Our defined mission is to bring exactly these two together. The Brand and the customer. Closing the gap.

Dreams come true.  

The Danish track cycle riders during training in Ballerup Super Arena – customised Argon 18 frames and POC helmets. 2 x bronze medals at the Olympics in Rio 2016 are the latest proof of a world class combination: Global brands and local initiatives. Danmarks Cykle Union (The Danish Cycling Union) and United Cycling have just signed another 3-year contract on above-mentioned equipment and Isostar.


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      Cycling has changed radically. New – and more – riders on the road, in the woods and everywhere in between. New buying habits challenge the local shops, while the global market wins the customers due to low prices. United Cycling meets the challenge and insists on giving professional and properly guidance on the advanced bikes and components. This important customer service combined with a punctual operation and distribution along with a profound agency give United Cycling a strong base for the future. Back to Shop

      United Cycling is in a direct dialogue with the international market on a daily basis – on all levels in the organisation. The correspondence is never between the purchasing and sales department only. We take pride in a true partnership and therefore deeply engaged in the international brands we represent.

      United Cycling is e.g. a part of the development of Argon 18’s new track bike frames. We are the link between the Danish national Track Cycling team and the brand. We are working closely together with the chief mechanic of the team, and our job is to be a sounding board during the development process as well as exchanging wishes and information between the parties in order to develop the most advanced bikes.

      Together we investigate new component partners, and in that connection our job is to bring new input. On the other hand we know that no other bikes (or components) are tested more thoroughly than A18. Argon 18 employs 40% more staff in the technical department than any other manufacturer in the carbon bicycle market.

      On a local scale this means that the customer is likely to experience a high level product partly developed by United Cycling, and that a sales person at the local showroom can give the customer proper instructions and advice regarding the details of the bike or component. The local presence and customer conversation enable the sales person to get a better understanding of the riders’ needs and demands, and thus offer the right products.

      When we say “locally”, we mean adapting to our community – for instance redefining a Canadian top brand to fit the Scandinavian markets. With showrooms near our base so that we are always close to our customer – “Local” for us means strong engagement. We are lucky to be part of the high level cycling community in Denmark due to our cooperation with both the Danish national Cycling Team, Team Platform Riwal and five Danish riders from the pro team Astana.


      Argon 18 teamed up with Brian Holms’ clothing brand 12.16. United
      Cycling initiated the project and made this little doc.

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