Our ambassador, the Danish triathlete Janette Dommer, exceeded her own and everyone else’s expectations by winning overall among all female age group athletes in 9:23:26 at IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii.

In this blog post Janette tells all about her incredible day in Kona.

”Go eat them, you know you are strong”

Finally, the big day was here. I was very nervous and very humble. It is a tough race and everything can happen. The  training during the entire summer has been a family project, so I really did NOT want to disappoint my family, nor the Argon 18 team or myself.

During the winter I have been focusing a lot on my swimming and I felt that I could position myself in the front line at the race start. The cannon fired and the big fight in the water started. Now being in the front line resulted in more fights than the previous two years, but I was mentally ready and did not deviate from my position. I was fighting for my position almost throughout the swim.

I came out of the water and out on the bike with a faster swim and especially T1 (first transition) than last year. My husband and kids were tactically placed where they could give me a status after the swim and shouted that I was no. 9 in my age group. I was immediately very disappointed and confused because we had calculated that I was supposed to be in the top 5 after the swim. When my husband saw the desperation in my face, he shouted very loud: 

”Go eat them, you know you are strong”

And so I did. I turned every emotion I had in me into power and started to chase up the girls in front of me one by one…

My legs felt strong and easy going, so I did not think about the running. My only focus was to catch as many girls as possible. After 40 km my husband shouted, that I was no. 2 in my AG, catching in on no. 1, which made me happy and gave me good energy.

I reached T2 in the time 4.58 on the bike – as no.1 in my age group. I rode 35 min. faster than last year! If I had had the time, I would have kissed my Argon 18 bike, but I needed to move on as fast as possible.

After some kilometers my husband shouted, that I was in the lead with a 15 minutes gap. As running is my best discipline, and I usually run as one of the fastest, I decided to find a pace where I felt comfortable, as I felt that only an injury could stop me from reaching my goal of being the World Champion in my AG.

10 km later the gap to no. 2 in my age group just got bigger and bigger, which made me feel so good and strong, as everything I have trained for now was within reach…

At 20 km – just before reaching the Energy Lab part of the run – my husband informed me that my coach in Barcelona had texted him with the message that if I pushed harder on my run, I had the chance to win the overall age group… WOW!

When I reached the final kilometer at Alii Drive, everybody was cheering and shouting. I became the World Champion. NOT only in my own age group, but among all the fastest non-PRO women in the World. Actually, I still have a difficult time believing it.

Being no. 1 overall female age group athlete in Hawaii … I had never thought about being on top of the overall age group. It was not a part of our plan before the race, as so many other strong girls were in the race, but now I was no. 4 overall and was running faster than the girls in front of me.

It all sounded fantastic, so I was able to find more energy and a faster pace in my legs and at approximately  25 km I passed the no. 1 overall female age group athlete. I stayed very focused for the final 15 km and the last 2 km I was SOOOO HAPPY… I was actually smiling all through the last part of my run, with a few tears in my eyes, thanking everyone and the fantastic Island of Hawaii as well.

When I reached the final kilometer at Alii Drive, everybody was cheering and shouting. I became the World Champion. NOT only in my own age group, but among all the fastest non-PRO women in the World.

Actually, I still have a difficult time believing it.

Janette Dommer after her race at IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii

Built in United Cycling

Janette’s bike has been assembled and serviced by the Head Mechanic in United Cycling, Danny Skovgren, before the IRONMAN World Championships 2018.

Danny is mechanic for the Danish National Team and known and respected for his eye for the details and is always assuring that everything works perfectly.

Janette Dommer is riding the E-119 Tri+ which can be found at www.unitedcycling.com.


Argon 18 E-119 TRI+

Motivated for More

Janette Dommer does not rest on her laurels after winning the IRONMAN World Championships. She wants more. Read more about her ambitions for 2019 here.

Janette Dommer