United Cycling has incorporation with Argon 18 and FatCreations designed, painted and built an  E-119 Tri+ for IRONMAN triathlete and Argon 18 ambassador, Michelle Vesterby.

For Women by Women at FatCreations

For Michelle’s bike, we wanted to break away from our usual custom bike process. We wanted this to be a complete women’s project. We have been working with FatCreations in the UK for some of our custom paint projects and were lucky to collaborate with Bex, the talented woman side of FatCreations. With this custom paint, we wanted to highlight the impact of women in Triathlon and make a statement that Argon 18 is fully dedicated to supporting women in all aspects of the sport.

“Painting Michelle Vesterby’s Argon 18 frame was really cool! We get to work on quite a few frames for pro men athletes, but this was the first pro women’s frame we have done. I jumped at the chance to be more involved with the paint on this project, not only because she’s a woman but because she’s an incredible athlete and an inspiration.

Ironman is one of those things where I’m just amazed not only by the athlete’s dedication to training, strength and endurance but their mental ability to keep pushing on. Best of luck to Michelle in the IRONMAN World Championship, I hope the frames bring you lots of luck and speed!”

Keep Smiling by Michelle Vesterby

The objective for all of our custom projects is always to offer a bike that highlights the athlete’s personality. Offering personalized bikes to special athletes is our way of encouraging them in the final stages of their preparation for major events. We know that these special attentions can make a huge difference.

Knowing that pink is Michelle’s favourite colour and that she absolutely wanted a pink bike, coming up with a subtle bike cosmetic was never an option. We wanted to do something spectacular, sophisticated and vibrant by adding a gradient with multicoloured layers (holographic).

Michelle Vesterby has always been known for speaking her mind and we wanted to incorporate that aspect of her personality in the design. To do so, we added all sorts of graphic elements on the bike’s top tube, including her quote “Keep Smiling” along with Danish, Hawaiian and personal graphic details. These become motivational elements to look at when she’s deep into her race to help her push on. 

“My new custom bike is amazing, I’m in love! The details and the colours are unique, way above my wildest dreams. I am super happy and humbled to collaborate with Argon 18, a company where people listen to my ideas and are willing to make my dreams come true.”
Michelle Vesterby at the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii 2018

Argon 18's ParticuleR Program

ParticuleR is the new internal initiative program from Argon 18 pushing a creative hub for experimentation. Through the ParticuleR Program Argon 18 designers will go to the extreme of their cycling passion to develop new ideas, new designs and possibilities. It is the company’s new playground to push creative limits and influence future brand designs. It is only through experimentation that one learns and grows. All the projects from this lab will be unique.

Argon 18 ParticuleR program

Built in United Cycling

The bike has been assembled by Danish National Team Mechanic and Head Mechanic in United Cycling, Danny Skovgren, who is known and respected for his eye for the details.

It’s Danny and his fellow mechanic, Peter Iten, who are building, fitting and styling all the Argon 18 bikes which is being sent out to the Northern European markets. 

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Ride Like Michelle Vesterby

While Michelle is now riding her Keep Smiling custom painted frame, it is the same consumer model E-119 Tri+ which can be found at www.unitedcycling.com.

Argon 18 E-119 TRI+

Photos: Peter Ebro // United Cycling