On a gravel bike, you can both ride on the road, and away, off-road on the gravel roads, without fear of punctures and a lousy driving experience. Out there, where you are away from the busy traffic and you can surround yourself with the peace and beauty of the forest. But is it necessary with a full-blown gravel bike? No, not necessarily. A Krypton GF is exactly that bike, that can make it for both a road bike and a gravel bike!

Multi Purpose Bike

The Krypton GF can easily be described as what we know from the car industry as Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV), because of its versatility. The Krypton GF has it all. This bike is the choice for, if you like road cycling and is thrilled by the joy and experiences gravel cycling has to offer, but don’t want two bikes in the garage. 

The Krypton GF is a perfect crossover between an endurance bike, a race bike and a gravel bike. And Argon 18 have succeeded in making this blend without missing out on either speed, handling or aerodynamics.

Ready for Both Gravel and Tarmac

The Krypton GF is by default set up with Vittoria Cross 31 mm tires, that goes for both gravel and tarmac. Can easily be replaced with some 25-28 mm tires, and you have a proper performance bike that’s ideal for Gran Fondos, allowing you to tackle formidable climbs, vertiginous descents, and everything in between.

The fork has 32 mm of tire clearance, so you can also put on a pair of cyclocross tires and head out for one hour of high pulse at a cyclocross race.

Vittoria Cross 31 mm tires

Vibration Damping Fork

The fork is designed around Argon 18’s Topological Compliance System (TCS). It features a slightly shaped bottom, that is designed to dampen the vibration from the ground. A feature that’s not that noticeable on the tarmac, but when you hit the gravel roads, you’ll really feel, that this fork does what it is intended to do. It provides a very smooth feel without sacrificing the handling of the bike.

If you’ve spent any time on a pure race bike, you know what it feels like to have every handlebar input transferred directly to your front wheel. The Krypton GF purposely avoids such touchiness in favor of stability.

The fork dampens shock and improves driving pleasure

Stable and Comfortable Ride

The Krypton GF is relatively long. A 1,013-millimeter wheelbase and 420-millimeter chain stay both contribute to a stable ride. That means you’ll have to guide the bike in corners, but it also means the Krypton GF feels well-balanced and stable in high speeds and in uneven terrain.

For Hills and Sprints

We have chosen to build the Krypton GF with Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 groupset that is geared, so you’ll have plenty of gears for both outsprinting your cycling buddies on the road and for climbing hills in the forest.

Ultegra Di2 Groupset

Effective Disc Brakes

On the Krypton GF you’ll have plenty of braking power, whether you ride down steep mountains or rainy dirt roads, you will constantly feel that you have full control over the bike. That’s thanks to the effective Ultegra disc brakes.

Ultegra Disc brakes

Embrace the Autumn

Embrace the autumn on an Argon 18 Krypton GF, the perfect all-rounder – fast on the tarmac and smooth on the gravels. A bike, that makes it possible for you to ride wherever you want. Head out and explore your backroads – it’s beautiful out there!

Ganløse Ore Skov, Denmark
I have ridden the Hansen's Ice Cream race, among a couple of other races, on the Argon 18 Krypton GF, and think it's perfect for that. Absolutely not too "soft" or too little "race". Definitely a bike worth considering, if you are looking a bike that goes for both gravel cycling and overcoming long days in the saddle concurring the mountains in a Gran Fondo. Martin Wenhov, Sales Manager, United Cycling Sweden.
Martin Wenhov, Sales Manager, United Cycling Sweden.
Argon 18 Krypton GF

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Photos: Peter Ebro // United Cycling