Martin Toft Madsen is 3 times Danish champion on the time trial and is among the best in the world against the clock. Thursday, July 26th, Martin Toft Madsen made a brave assault on Sir Bradley Wiggins’ 54.526 kilometer UCI World Hour Record in Mexico – a prestigious and mysterious record, that only the toughest and most keen riders dare to challenge.

Lots have tried but failed in the attempt – even before the clock ran out. It’s a record, that requires a good psyche and a miniature preparation for many months in advance.

Argon 18 was Choice Number One

Argon 18 was a big part of this attempt, and also the build-up to it. Martin Toft Madsen partnered with some of the cycle industry’s most innovative brands. These include Argon 18Walker BrothersKappstein and Ceramicspeed

Martin Toft Madsen is working full time as an engineer, and at the same time riding at the Danish continental team BHS Almeborg Bornholm. He is known as a guy with meticulous preparations. Martin measures, weighs and tests all his equipment and chooses only the very best – without exception! If it is not fast enough, he does not use it. Period. That is why he chose the Argon 18 Electron Pro track bike in front of all other bike brands out there.

The Electron Pro was the fastest bike!

It makes us very proud that, after all his research and testing was done, including probing our work with the Danish Track Team, Martin was dead set on riding the Argon 18 Electron Pro.

Custom Made Aero Bars

Martin Toft Madsen is not known for his wattage output, but rather his very aerodynamic positioning on the bike, that makes it possible for him to ride incredible speeds with very few watts. To increase his aerodynamics he designed some new aero bars for the attempt together with the Argon 18 R&D in Montreal, Canada.

Custom made aero bars developed in a a close cooperation between Martin Toft Madsen and Argon 18

All Time Second Best

July 26th, at the new Aguascalientes Bicentenary Velodrome in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Martin made his attempt on the record. He went for it, gave everything he had, but it was just not enough to break the UCI World Record. 

Martin clocked 53.619km which was enough to secure him the second-best distance of all time and a lot of experiences to learn from when he tries again at a later date.

Martin Toft Madsen, his mechanic and coach Frank Jacobsen from Sansego

One important lesson learned for Martin: don’t try to break the UCI World Hour Record on a brand new track, where the sawdust sticks to the tires, and by that slowing the bike down…

We are hoping to see Martin back on the track soon again, and once and for all smash the record on the Argon 18 Electron Pro.

Photos: Martin Paldan