Gravel Cycling is hot stuff all over the world. Everybody talks about the joy of riding away from the trafficked roads and into the quiet nature where the experiences are awaiting.

The sales of gravel bikes are as well booming. As a cross-over bike that can be used both on asphalt and gravel roads and also as a dedicated bike to complement the road bike.

We have participated in a podcast (in Danish) with the Danish cycling magazine Cykelmagasinet about the subject and the Argon 18 gravel bikes; Dark Matter and Krypton GF.

Photo: Mikkel Beisner

Ride Beyond

Is it necessary with a full-blown gravel bike? No, not necessarily. A Krypton GF is exactly that bike, that can make it for both a road bike and a gravel bike!

The Krypton GF has it all. This bike is the choice for, if you like road cycling and is thrilled by the joy and experiences gravel cycling has to offer, but don’t want two bikes in the garage. 

The Krypton GF is a perfect crossover between an endurance bike, a race bike and a gravel bike. And Argon 18 have succeeded in making this blend without missing out on either speed, handling or aerodynamics.

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Argon 18 Krypton GF

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