The last details are being sorted out before leaving for the Tissot UCI Track World Cup in London, with Mads Severinsen in the workshop and Lasse Normann on the bike at the track. A small step towards Tokyo 2020.

Mads Severinsen, the Danish national track team mechanic,  is packing the bags in his small workshop in Ballerup Super Arena. The Argon 18 Electron Pro track bikes are hanging side by side in the rack. All fitted and built for the needs of the individual riders, but all in the same beautiful paint job, that was designed for the Olympics in Rio 2016. A design, which still gives attention and kudos at the track!

In a few hours, Mads Severinsen will leave together with the riders for the last TISSOT UCI Track World Cup in London from December 14th to 16th.

Superiour Argon 18 Electron Pro

The World Cup has until now been a huge success for the Danish riders with lots of medals for both the men and the women.

In Berlin, at the start of December, Australia took 1st, Denmark 2nd, Canada 3rd and HUUB Wattbike Test Team 4th position in the Men’s 4000m team pursuit – all of them riding the Argon 18 Electron Pro, which has been the by far most superior bike on the World Cup this season.

Spinning the Legs

While Mads Severinsen packed the equipment, Lasse Normann was spinning his legs at the track above the workshop. Just fine tuning the small details before the last big effort in London, where he is going to follow up on his 3 World Cup golds in the Madison race together with Casper Folsach this season.

On Route to Tokyo 2020

The World Cup is important for the Danish riders, but actually only a small step on their way to the Olympics in Tokyo 2020. The ambitions are big, and both the men and the women are aiming for the top of the podium

United Cycling is sponsoring the Danish National Cycling Federation, and will closely follow the journey towards Tokyo 2020.

Photos: Peter Ebro and Argon 18