12.16 Shoot Behind the Scenes

We have partnered up with the Danish fashionable cycling clothing brand 12.16  for the photo shoot of their AW18 collection in Ballerup Super Arena, December 2018.

Coffee With a Legend

Before starting the shoot we had a good cup of coffee together with a legend; Steen Hammel, in his small workshop underneath the track.

A Life With Cycling

In 1960, Steen Hammel started a long career with cycling at the cycling velodrome in Ordrup a little north of Copenhagen, where he rode for several years and later got a small cabin, and started as a mechanic in the 1980s when his son, Henrik Hammel made his entrance on the cycling scene. 

Steen has ever since been a big part of track cycling in Denmark. Assisting the National Team with his mechanic expertise and the riders as a coach for international competitions all around the world. 

Workshop of Memories

His small workshop under the track in Ballerup is covered with photos from his long life in cycling. A room that is wrapped in stories, that needs to be told, and Steen is not holding back but is happily sharing his memories.  

Fashion With Passion

12.16 (or Twelve Sixteen) is a Danish cycling clothing brand founded by Brian Holm featuring a modern and clean collection, that brings his passion for cycling innovation and development together with his interest in fashion and style. 

A Stylish Joint Venture

United Cycling and 12.16 n has close relations and works together on several projects, like the making of an understated version of the Pro-Tour frame Gallium Pro. A Joint Venture project with 12.16, Brian Holm and Lars Dyhr – The Argon 18 bike, that Brian Holm is riding at the shoot outside Ballerup Super Arena.

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The Origin of 12.16

The name 12.16 is derived from Brian Holm’s 10km record which he set on the roads of Amager in 1982 and still stands to this day.

> 10 km Brian Holm Sørensen (Amager CR) 1982 12.16,00

Find 12.16 in our Lab & Store

Ride by our Lab & Store in Lynge and check out the 12.16 AW18 collection. Or find 12.16 online at www.twelvesixteen.cc.

Photos: Peter Ebro // United Cycling