United Cycling is partnering up with the Danish cycling, triathlon and running clothing brand Fusion in a sponsorship of the Danish triathlete Janette Dommer. In 2018 Janette was the overall winner among all female age group athletes  at IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii with the outstanding result of 9:23:26.

In 2019 Janette Dommer’s goal is to improve her personal best on the IRONMAN distance and regain the title as age group world champion in Hawaii.

Janette Dommer and Showroom Manager Martin Ishøi in United Cycling Lab & Store

Functionality Before Fashion

Janette Dommer is being supported by Fusion via United Cycling. 

Fusion is known for their uncompromising approach to functionality. For Fusion, functionality always comes before fashion. Fusion do not believe in designing products in a particular design or for a new season. Never. The development always starts in a completely different place. With the most important: the fabric.

Fusion is always seeking to find just that fabric – the yarns – that gives the company the best opportunities to develop ‘intelligent’ and ‘functional’ clothing.

All in all, it is Fusion’s goal to maximise the athlete’s comfort and performance in all weather conditions. Be the extra layer of skin that protects, optimises and resists. A layer you do not notice!

The Fusion cycling and triathlon products are being sold in the Lab & Store in Lynge.

Fusion SLI Speed Suit on display in the United Cycling Lab & Store

Unstoppable in the Winter

Janette visited the Lab & Store to get  her Fusion clothing to make her unstoppable during the wintertime. Being able to train outside, whatever the weather, where both stamina and harshness are built are two important factors when you want to compete with the world’s best triathletes.

Showroom Manager in the United Cycling Lab & Store, Martin Ishøi, helped Janette finding the right winter clothing from Fusion’s S-line, that contains products which are the perfect example of Fusion’s tagline: “Be Unstoppable”.  Products you use, when you have the greatest need for weather protection. Products that are made to protect you from the wind, water and cold.  It is now possible for Janette to train during the winter and meet spring in top form.

Motivated for More

Janette Dommer does not rest on her accomplishments in 2018. She wants more.

“I have two goals for 2019. One is trying to reach my personal best in an IRONMAN-race during summertime and another is to become World Champion in Hawaii for the second time.”

For Janette Dommer triathlon is not only a hobby  that she is more than  ordinary skilled at. It’s also a lifestyle, that in 2019 is turning into a vocation.

“I will take one year at a time the next three years. Defining new goals each year together with my sponsors. I am also starting my own coaching company. I want to help and coach people to become stronger and healthier by focusing not only  on the training but on the technical skills and muscle-building in training as well. I will combine it  with a strong and healthy diet program in alignment with the individual’s lifestyle.”

Read Janette Dommer’s race report from Hawaii here.

"I have two goals for 2019. One is trying to reach my personal best in an IRONMAN-race during summertime and another is to become World Champion in Hawaii for the second time."

How To Keep Motivated During Winter

If you want to compete at top level, you have to build your base fitness during the winter, when the weather is challenging and the motivation low after a long season. We asked Janette, how she is keeps up the motivation during the winter training.

“I love my sport. So for me it’s more difficult not to do what I love. Actually the worst part of the year is off season, where I have to relax a little in my training. You should try to focus on enjoying the training sessions more instead of focusing on your watts, time or heart rate. Get to know your body better by estimating your pace, noticing the response of your body during long passes and during intervals. The better you know your body, the easier you can understand your body’s signals, which in the end makes you perform better on race day. In the early springtime, when your training is getting more serious again, you can start focusing on your watts, heart rate etc., while still remembering your body’s signals.”

Janette Dommer