January 9th we hosted a club event in our Lab & Store in Lynge for the local cycling club: Allerød Cycling Club

Guided Tour

We started with a guided tour in the hub, telling about the origin and history behind this very special place, designed by the Danish designer, Johannes Torpe

Then we took a closer look at the Argon 18 collection, talked pro and con’s for disc brakes, CeramicSpeed bearing upgrades and admired Jacob Fuglsang’s custom painted Gallium Pro from Tour de France 2018, Michelle Vesterby’s Keep Smiling bike and our joint venture project bike with Brian Holm and 12.16.  

Mechanical Session

Our Head Mechanic, Danny Skovgren, who is also a mechanic at the Danish National Team, held a small “how-to-session” in the workshop. Telling about how to maintain a road bike during wintertime and other useful insights on technicalities on a bike.

BikeFit Scan

Bike fitting is the talk of the town these days and also at the event. There were quick questions on how to adjust the bike and the need of expensive bike fits. Danny Skovgren could then tell about our new product in United Cycling: BikeFit Scan.

We recognize, that some people have biomechanical issues that cause them serious problems on the bike. But proper positioning on the bike has been made into science… We have, together with Rune Larsen, owner of AimHigh and former coach at Pro Team Astana, developed a BikeFit Scan – a light version of a bike fit. We adjust the bike to you, so your positioning is optimal.  All screenings are filmed and sent to AimHigh, who verifies the screening. If considered, that you would benefit from a full bike fit, you’ll be referred to AimHigh, where you’ll get the BikeFit Scan refunded in the price of a full bike fit.

Wattbike Center

On the 1st floor in the Lab & Store, we have 15 high-tech Wattbike trainers are lined up. Actually, they are the most accurate on the market, and because of that the only ones approved by UCI for test usage. 

We have already several sessions a week with teams and communities visiting our Wattbike Center. We are pretty sure, that several of Allerød Cycling Club’s member will follow and join each other for a solid Wattbike session.

Dinner and Lectures

Next to the showroom, we have a room for approx. 50 eating guests. Here our colleague, former professional cyclist, Mark Sehested, held a short lecture, telling about life as a professional cyclist. This caused many laughs and questions, which added which contributed to the already happy and encouraged mood, while the food could be enjoyed in a cozy company.

Shall we Host Your Event?

Does this sound like an interesting event for your club, company or network? Then reach out to our Showroom Manager, Martin Ishøi, who is eager to help.

Martin Ishøi / shop@unitedcycling.com / +45 3163 8361

We can host all kind of cycling events like training sessions, physical tests, mechanical sessions, lectures. But also events not directly linked to cycling, like product launches, photo sessions, and network meetings.

The possibilities are endless in a space like our Lab & Store. Contact us and let’s talk about the possibilities.

Photo and Video: Peter Ebro // United Cycling