United Cycling is partnering up with the Danish cycling, triathlon and running clothing brand Fusion in a sponsorship of the Danish triathlete Morten Falk Jørgensen.

Morten Falk Jørgensen is former Olympic gold medalist in rowing and is now an elite triathlete. Morten qualified for Hawaii in 2018 with a time of 8:32 at IRONMAN Copenhagen. Morten had big ambitions for Hawaii but unfortunately suffered from the heat. But he will be back for more.

Morten Falk Jørgensen and Showroom Manager Martin Ishøi in United Cycling Lab & Store

Functionality Before Fashion

Morten Falk Jørgensen is being supported by Fusion via United Cycling. 

Fusion is known for their uncompromising approach to functionality. For Fusion, functionality always comes before fashion. Fusion do not believe in designing products in a particular design or for a new season. Never. The development always starts in a completely different place. With the most important: the fabric.

Fusion is always seeking to find just that fabric – the yarns – that gives the company the best opportunities to develop ‘intelligent’ and ‘functional’ clothing.

All in all, it is Fusion’s goal to maximise the athlete’s comfort and performance in all weather conditions. Be the extra layer of skin that protects, optimises and resists. A layer you do not notice!

The Fusion cycling and triathlon products are being sold in the Lab & Store in Lynge.

2019 Goals

Morten visited the Lab & Store to be kitted up with new cycling gear, that can make him unstoppable in the wintertime. We asked him, what the goal for 2019 is:

“My goal for 2019 is to improve slowly in all three disciplines. I know I can improve on all three. So 2019 becomes more of an intermediate year, where I have to find out what will happen later. IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii 2018 was hard on me, after a solid debut in Copenhagen with 8:32, so I feel like I have some undone business in Kona …”

Best Bike Split on 'Tyren'

‘Tyren’ (‘Tyren’ is ‘the bull’ in English) is a mythical 11.6 km long hilly loop on the local backroads close to our Lab & Store in Lynge. A loop where the Danish Championships on the Sprint distance are often held. And a loop that many cyclists visits every weekend on their training rides, competing against each other on the small, aggressive hills.

> Check out ‘Tyren’ at Strava

The nickname ‘Tyren’ refers to two of the hills at the loop: Tyren is the biggest one and is 400 meters long and rises by 6.3 percent, and ‘Tyren’s neck is 500 meters and rises by 4 percent. The hills lie provocatively close to each other and can be tuff to overcome if you are giving them what you have.

A lot of very fast riders has tried their luck at ‘Tyren’ and ridden some very fast times. Morten Falk Jørgensen holds the 7th best time of all time with 15:39 (43.9 km/h) – Morten wants to beat the best bike split ever on the Sprint Distance – two rounds at Tyren – at the Danish Championships , May 18th, 2019.

Morten's Argon 18 E-119 Tri+

Morten is riding a sleek and very fast built of the Argon 18 E-119 Tri+ 2018.

Morten Falk Jørgensen