In a totally crazy world record time of 3: 48.012, Australia won the gold medals in the 4000-meter team pursuit at the UCI Track World Championships in Pruszkow, Poland, 2019.

Team Australia in the hunt for Gold and a WR

World Record

Team Australia smashed their own former world record with a margin of 1.792 seconds, by riding in 3:48.012.

With that time, they show the British team how to ride a team pursuit. The Brititsh opponents in the final was otherwise doing a great effort with the time 3: 50.810.

Argon 18 Podium Dominance

With the Austrialian on the top of the podium, Denmark in third and Canada in fourth, Argon 18 underlined that their dominance in track cycling with the Electron Pro as the fastest track bike in the world.

World Fastest track Bike

Alexander Porter from Team Australia tells a little about how much the Argon 18 Electron matters in setting a new WR.

GCN Tech have also had a closer look at the Argon Electron Pro. See the video here.