Leading up to the 2016 Olympics in Rio we designed the Argon 18 Electron Pro bike in a close collaboration between the engineers at Argon 18, the Danish team mechanics and the Danish riders.

“It’s was pleasure to see the bike do so well at the Olympics. Taking home the bronze medals in the Men’s Team Pursuit (Casper Folsach, Lasse Norman Hansen, Niklas Larsen, Frederik Madsen, Rasmus Quaade red.) and Omnium (Lasse Norman Hansen red. ) confirmed us, that we have designed a bike, that was really fast,” said Gervais Rioux founder of Argon 18.

The Danes pushing hard towards the Bronze in the World's 2019

World Record

At the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Poland, Team Australia smashed their own former world record with a margin of 1.792 seconds, by riding in 3:48.012. Underlining that the the Argon 18 Electron Pro bike is the fastest track bike in the world.

A few day in advance of the Worlds, Global Cycling Network Tech had a closer look at the Argon 18 Electron Pro, and found out, that on paper and in test, the bike was the fastes in the world. Now confirmed by the Australians. See the video here.

We catched Alexander Porter from Team Australia just after he and his team mates set the world record. He tells a little about how much the bike matters in setting a new Team Pursuit World Record.


  • The Hunt for Metal by Oliver Grenaa
  • Argon 18 Electron Pro Smashing the WR in 4k Team Pursuit by Peter Ebro


  • By Peter Ebro