Can runners be converted into cyclists and finish La Marmotte in style within 6 months? 10 sub-elite runners from the Danish running community NBRO has accepted the challenge.


A cycling community supported by Sunweb, Argon 18 and United Cycling. Cycling with a common goal: La Marmotte; 174 km in the French Alps with four of the most legendary Tour de France mountains. July 2019.


The Cycling Apprenticeship

La Marmotte is one of the most popular races for cycling enthusiasts in Europe. 174 km in the French Alps with four of the most legendary Tour de France mountains: Col Du Glandon, Col Du Télégraphe, Col Du Galibier and finally Alpe d’Huez. Overall, more than 5000 height meters must be conquered!

A challenge which is considered as the one and only apprenticeship for cyclists. A challenge that our 10 runners will face July 7th, 2019.

Runners on Bikes

Our group of runners are all very skilled. All of them runs marathon well below 3 hours. Many of them close to 2.30. They are on a level just outside the Danish elite. All equipped with a cardiovascular machine, tuned in on long endurance efforts.

But how far can their engines bring them in the Alps? Can they be converted into cyclists?

Kickoff at Veloropa

In December 2018 we kicked off the project at the cycling café in Copenhagen, Veloropa. With information about the race and what it takes. With over 7 months to the start, everyone was all smiles. Focus for most of the participants was on Copenhagen Marathon in May. First after the marathon, they will shift the running shoes with the bike.

Will it be in good enough time? Or to late for adapting to cycling. We’ll see over the next months to come …