Mercedes-Benz and Argon 18, are proud to announce a multi-year partnership redefining performance mobility in an experience-driven age; Mercedes-Benz and Argon 18, leaders in innovative technology and user experience, offer products reflecting a German design philosophy and Canadian expertise in advanced bike technology.  

The result is the Argon 18 Mercedes-Benz style bike.

Argon 18 x Mercedes-Benz Style
“The bike blends perfectly with our Sensual Purity design philosophy, a marriage of emotion and intelligence. The intricately-designed carbon frame, in conjunction with the Mercedes-Benz color scheme, provides dynamism even at a stand-still, thus creating an emotional connection between bike and rider. Perfectly integrated technical components represent our new partner’s impressive ingenuity.”
Martin Bremer
Senior Manager, Design Creation Brand Experience at Mercedes-Benz Style

The silver frame bike and silver-black gradient saddle are in accordance with Mercedes-Benz design philosophy.

The fork has a special shape, optimized for vibration absorption and control balance. 

Vibration damping fork

State-of-the-art design

Mercedes-Benz believes in translating Argon 18’s passion and cutting-edge cycling innovation into ground-breaking collaborative products. 

Cutting-edge cycling innovation
Discrete Argon 18 impression on the rear
Elegant cable routing
Shimano Ultegra Di2 gearing

The collaboration is based on a minimalistic concept of the bike.

In collaboration with FSA, Vision and Fabric, the bike  features high-end, invisible and pure components. A top-end bicycle in every detail. Mercedes-Benz Style is responsible for its exclusive appearance with a silver-coloured frame and silver-black gradient on the saddle and struts. The fork has a special shape, optimized for vibration absorption and control.

Designing The Future of Mobility

The four-year partnership merges Argon 18’s vision of a connected-to-human smart bike with Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to reinventing mobility.

Argon 18 x Mercedes-Benz top cap
Aesthetic logo details
“With Mercedes-Benz Style collaboration, we are laying the foundations for the next development stage a performance bike featuring our smart bike technologies and to dedication to developing innovative motorization system the brand has cemented its future in mobility technologies”
Gervaix Rioux
President, Argon 18

Available in Two Component Options

The bike is available in two component options— the Ultegra Di2 featuring electronic shifting and Vision Trimax 40 Carbon wheels, and the mechanical Ultegra group with Vision Trimax 30 wheels.

The Ultegra Di2 features an integrated rechargeable battery with charge-level indicator. Each variant can be ordered in six different sizes for an individualized fit. High tech hydraulic brakes come as standard equipment on both option models.

Argon 18 x Mecedes-Benz Performance Bike