The first spring rides are the best rides of the year! Every cyclist will recognize the intense longing for riding outside after a long and dark winter, with endless rides on Zwift … The Marmotte group is on the road.


A cycling community supported by Sunweb, Argon 18 and United Cycling. Cycling with a common goal: La Marmotte; 174 km in the French Alps with four of the most legendary Tour de France mountains. July 2019.


A Perfect Appetizer

The first group ride for the Marmotte group is in the book. With infant sun rays warming the working bodies. With the crisp sound of the tires on the asphalt, passing the farmer’s fields packed with blooming rapeseeds, that tingles the nose – A joyful feeling, that made us want to ride forever.

The appetite for more is awakened!

Classic “Dronningmølle”

“Dronningmølle” is a true classic, known by most Copenhagen cyclists.

A 120 km ride from Copenhagen and back, with Dronningmølle at the north coast as the turning point halfway, where many enjoys a coffee, before continuing along the coast east/south east all the way back to Copenhagen.

"Dronningmølle" is a classic route know by most cyclists

A route that hordes of cyclists ride every week – but first, when the form is good enough for a four hour ride. Before heading for Dronningmølle, you are heading for Nivå and later Fredensborg, stepping up the distance in sync with your form.

Because of a lot of cycling during the winter, both indoor and outdoor, we believed in own abilities and headed for Dronningmølle.

Monster, our Road Captain

In the group we have Mark Sehested Pedersen, who is former pro at Team Wirtu, before joining United Cycling. In the peloton Mark was known as “Monster”. And we felt why.

Mark is a gentleman, that all the way up north was generous with pulling the rest us in the headwind. Kindly telling how to position ourselves in shelter from the winds, and distributing the pulls between the rest of us.

When reaching the hills along Esrum Lake he got anoid by a group of triathletes, who blocked the road. He shifted gear, got up and stepped on it, so the rest of us must give everything we had to keep his wheel over the hill. To our worry Mark didn’t stop at the top, but kept on pushing for several kilometers, making sure that all of us was in the red zone.

Our road captain, Mark Sehested Pedersen (to the left) together with Jacob Ørholm

But Mark is a humble Monster. So where other strong riders, would have waved the riders behind up in front, Mark kept on pulling. All the way back to Copenhagen. Only with a few breaks, where the rest of us could get a few minutes of fame in the front.

The difference between a medium good recreational rider and a former pro is remarkable. This was confirmed today.

Let’s see if the difference gets equalized during the next months of training.

Nivå Bay at the eastern coast of Zealand