This is Christian & Maj’s own story about the challenges they face towards the dream of crossing the finish line at IRONMAN Copenhagen 2019.

How Did it All Start?

“Christian and I are both working for MAN TRUCK & BUS. This is where our friendship started. 

Christian have done two Ironman Copenhagen before. I did a sprint distance in 2017. It was much harder than I expected, and when I crossed the finish line, the only thing I said to Christian was: 

“How do you do this?”

Time passes and I was following Christian’s way of embracing triathlon. The same time being a husband and farther. His strength and will to get up at 3 a clock to work out was fascinating. 

In august 2018 I went to IRONMAN Copenhagen with a friend, and the vibes at the race blow me away, and I understood what Christian was talking about, I wanted to try this …”

"We are two different people, with two different journeys, in one sport with one common goal: IRONMAN COPENHAGEN"
Maj Bilstrup
Sales Coordinater, MAN. IRONMAN to be.

Christian Hooked me Up

“Same coach and same race plan was set, and now the hard work began, and it was nothing of what I expected.

As many other people who goes to the gym, I thought I had an average form. Let me tell It to you gently, I did not. I could not run 5 km without almost dying.

I started training for IRONMAN in September 2018, and as we are getting closer, I am getting more nervous and unsure, if this is even possible. 

I have days where a 5 km run is unbarring, and I doubt myself the whole way. Then I can have a 20 km run where everything is going as planned, and I’m starting to believe in myself again. It is a rollercoaster ride.

Christian has been doing triathlon for many years now, and he has al lot of experience. He is struggling with a whole other problem than mine; dreaming of going pro and saying it out loud. This is definitely raising the expectations on many different fronts. 

Therefore, when my focus is on crossing the finish line the goal for Christian is a whole other ballgame.”

Maj Bilstrup and Christian Liliegren Lorentzen

Do You Have the Right Mindset?

“A colleague asked Christian, if he thought I would get through the Ironman, he answered: “if she works on her mentally mindset”. 

The longer in the process we have come, I can really see that the mental mindset is so important; you have to believe that it is possible. I have seen old men with 50 extra kilos on the side, doing an IRONMAN and I did not understand how, but the more I train I understand that your mindset is so important.”

What is the Plan?

“Christian is working hard, to improve his running pace, and training for many hours, and at the same time having focus on getting the right nutrition. Christian’s main focus is the endgame, doing well for IRONMAN Copenhagen. 

For me it’s different, I have more focus on the journey towards the end goal, and I am enjoying the sport to the fullest. 6 months ago I couldn’t swim, now I’m almost a dolphin. 

We are both excited for the races to come, and will share our experiences with you.”

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Bike Screened in United Cycling

United Cycling helped Maj and Christian from MAN Truck & Bus Danmark with a Bike Screening. They are now ready for building up the training towards IRONMAN Copenhagen.
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