La Marmotte is just around the corner. The start of the race, that the Marmotte group has been preparing for since December, is in less than two months.  It is now time for topping up the weekly kilometers in the saddle. We do that with a weekly Tuesday Ride to the Bay.


A cycling community supported by Sunweb, Argon 18 and United Cycling. Cycling with a common goal: La Marmotte; 174 km in the French Alps with four of the most legendary Tour de France mountains. July 2019.


To the Bay and Return

Every Tuesday the group meets after work at the Veloropa cycling café in Copenhagen at 5 o’clock. Shortly after catching up with the United Cycling riders at Mosehuset, who have been riding in from the Lab & Store in Lynge north of Copenhagen.

The ride goes north to Nivå, to the Bay, where the sky is opening up and the horizon is endless, after an hour on the winding backroads. The speed is vigorous, and the motivation is high. The talk goes down through the peloton. But when you are sitting in the front, pulling the bunch through the landscape, you are quiet and focused on keeping the speed stable.

"Nivå" is a classic route know by most cyclists

The group doesn’t ride any 40/20 or Tiquini intervals. They are just cycling. Side by side with surplus to talk to each other.  Pushing harder when sitting in the front. In a high gearing and with a low cadence, animating the challenge the thighs will face in the Alps.

Bunch Sprint in Klampenborg

The ride from Copenhagen to Nivå and return is a true classic among cyclists. A beautiful and versatile route at about 70km going between the farmer’s newly sprouted fields north up through northern Zealand, east to Strandvejen, along the coastline back to Copenhagen.

It’s a common agreement, that the speed gradually goes up on Strandvejen. When reaching Skodsborg, the speed goes up further. Ending up in a bunch sprint at city sign to Klampenborg. This is where the hierarchy is set and last man pays the coffee, when reaching Copenhagen again.

On Strandvejen along the coast back to Copenhagen

The speed goes down again from Klampenborg and into the city, where the quietness of the countryside is replaced by the bustle of the city. We are back in reality and everyday life. Tired, but already longing for getting back out on the bike again.

On Sunday we meet again for a long ride. And on Tuesday we will repeat the ride toe the Bay and return.