Marmotte Performance Test With AimHigh

For the many fast sub-elite runners in our EnRouteLaMarmotte-group, cycling is a rather new thing. They don’t exactly know their physical boundaries on a bike, especially not, when hitting the Alps. 

In order to give the riders a precise picture of their physical capabilities we performed a performance test in the United Cycling Wattbike Center instructed by Rune Larsen from AimHigh.


A cycling community supported by Sunweb, Argon 18 and United Cycling. Cycling with a common goal: La Marmotte; 174 km in the French Alps with four of the most legendary Tour de France mountains. July 2019.


The EnRouteLaMarmotte group travels with Sunweb.

Instructed by Rune Larsen from AimHigh

The performance test was instructed by Rune Larsen from AimHigh, who has been performing these tests for more than 10 years. This means, that he has so much test-data on cyclists, that he can predict your finishtime in La Marmotte within a few minutes.

Rune Larsen, CEO and Head Coach at AimHigh

AimHigh have many years of experience and work with many sports – and athletes and practitioners ranging from the world elite to the beginner level.

Since 2005, AimHigh have helped athletes to more than 50 European Championships and World Cup medals – of which 16 World Cup Gold Medals.

Read more about AimHigh – Trianing and Performance.

The Test

The test starts with measuring the basics: 

  • Weight, 
  • Height and
  • Fat %. 

Second part of the test is performed on a Wattbike in our Wattbike Center.

The test consists of two separate tests:

  • 2 minutes all out and a
  • 12 minutes all out.

With these two tests, Rune Larsen gets important and exact data on our physical performance level by registering the following:

  • Average power for 2 minutes.
  • Average power + average heart rate for 12 minutes.

When Rune Larsen puts these data into his computer, he can export a detailed schedule with information about: 

  • Predicted finish time, 
  • Complete timetable for each mountain, 
  • Average power on each mountain, 
  • Average heartrate on each mountain, 
  • Suggested water and energy intake, 
  • Estimated VO2max, 
  • Power Zones, 
  • Weight, 
  • BMI and
  • Fat percentage.

See an example of one of the riders timetable below.

Dressed in 12.16

Because we are training, testing, traveling and racing as a group, we want to dress as we are a group. We do that in 12.16, designed by Brian Holm and with logo art work by our inhouse designer, Jacob Ørholm.

Marmotte Ready

With 1,5 week to La Marmotte, things are getting real. And the severity becomes present for everybody. But with this information in their hands, the riders can calm themselves, and rely on their individual schedules, and avoid digging too deep too early in the race, resulting in exploding at Gallibier, and instead reaching the top of Alpe d’ Huez in a perfect predisposed race.

We are Marmotte ready!

Photos: Peter Ebro / United Cycling / Argon 18