Martin Toft Madsen Takes the Danish Hour Record

Martin Toft Madsen broke Mikkel Bjerg’s Danish Hour Record Tuesday evening, August 13th on Odense Cykelbane.

It was close, but Martin Toft Madsen still managed to beat Mikkel Bjerg’s record with 245 meters, clocking 53,975km – the third-longest distance of all time!  

“It was hard, but felt reasonably in control all the way, despite problems with the time board, that caused I couldn’t follow my average speed. But I got my lap times, that was very stable between 16.5 and  16.7 seconds per lap,” 

Fierce Danish Competition

The U23 World Champion and newly U23 European silver medalist, Mikkel Bjerg, has already announced that he intends to make another attempt at the record after the World Championships in Yorkshire in September.

“It’s a nice record to hold – especially in Denmark, where it is not so easy to get,” says Martin Toft Madsen referring to the fierce competition there is between the many Danish time trial and track specialists.

Still Dreaming of the World Record

There is little up to the world record that Victor Campenaerts holds. That record sounds at 55 kilometers and 089 meters, but Martin Toft wil not reject, that he will try to challenge the World Record as he did in 2018 in Mexico.

“I’m a bit closer to the World Record. So, it is possible. Just got to rest a little. Won’t rule it out, but it won’t be right next week,” says Martin Toft after the record attempt on Odense Cykelbane.

Longest Attempts on the World Record Since 2014

  1. Victor Campenaerts 55.089km (Aguascalientes, 16. April 2019)
  2. Bradley Wiggins 54.526km (London, 7. juni 2015)
  3. Martin Toft Madsen 53.975km (Odense, 13. august 2019)
  4. Mikkel Bjerg 53.730km (Odense, 4. oktober 2018)
  5.  Martin Toft Madsen 53.619km (Aguascalientes, 26. juli 2018)
  6. Tom Zirbel 53.037km (Aguascalientes, 16. september 2016)
  7. Alex Dowsett 52.937km (Manchester, 2. maj 2015
  8. Dion Beukeboom 52.757km (Aguascalientes, 26. juli 2018)
  9. Rohan Dennis 52-491km (Grenchen, 8. februar 2015)
  10. Martin Toft Madsen 52.324km (Ballerup, 11. januar 2018)
  11. Mikkel Bjerg 52.311km (Odense, 7. oktober 2017)
  12. Thomas Dekker 52.221km (Aguascalientes, 25. februar 2015)
Martin Toft Madsen with his Argon 18 Electron Pro track bike.

Photos:  Peter Ebro