Argon 18 Gallium Pro 15th Anniversary Edition

15 Years of Constant Innovation, Packed Into One Frame

In 2005, the Gallium Pro introduced a new way of thinking about pro-level
carbon frames.

We were convinced that one frame could be light enough for
 World Tour mountain stages, stiff enough for bunch sprints, and comfortable enough for epic group rides.

We’ve proven ourselves right time and time again – five times, in fact, from the first Gallium right up to today’s 15th Anniversary Edition.

But we’re not willing to stop there – our racing pedigree doesn’t let us rest easy.

Our Pedigree

Our story began in Montreal in 2000. It began with a cyclist. Not just any cyclist, but Canadian Olympic cyclist and 3-time Canadian Champion, Gervais Rioux.

Now ordinarily the story would end there. Man cycles. Man wins competitions the world over.
Man cycles with the Canadian Olympic team. Man is satisfied with his success and hangs up his medals. But not Gervais, who was always looking for the next opportunity to rise up to a challenge. And that opportunity was to launch his own bike company: Argon 18.

Almost 20 years later, Argon 18 has risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s premier bike companies. Each new Argon 18 frame follows this same path: pushing the boundaries to deliver constant innovation and premium performance.

Gervais Rioux, founder of Argon 18.

Our Performance Benchmarks Your Personal Bests

For 15 years we’ve been testing and documenting the performance of our frames so that we can pinpoint our R&D efforts, and deliver results you can feel from the first pedal stroke.

We quickly understood the level of stiffness required for the right balance between a lively frame and optimal power transmission. The challenge then became shaving off weight to create the ultimate race bike.

But focusing only on stiffness and weight leaves out an equally important consideration: comfort.

Testing the stiffness in the lab.

By the 4th generation, our layup optimization let us fine-tune our choice and use of material, to reach an ideal balance for the most demanding riders.

15th Anniversary Edition Features

New Challenges - Proven Results

“We had already been manufacturing carbon frames for a couple of years but the Gallium was our very first monocoque frame. The technology used to manufacture the Gallium enabled us to produce a stiffer and lighter frame that would still be comfortable to ride. This has become our constant design goal.

Lighter and stiffer than its predecessor, this 2nd generation frame also saw the introduction of proprietary technologies that we still use to this day like our 3D system. That frame landed us with a sponsorship of Steve Bauer’s Continental team: Spidertech.

This 3rd iteration of the Gallium Pro frame was a favorite of Spidertech racers. Its unmatched torsional stiffness and power transfer gave it a noticeable authority on the pro circuit. Our involvement with Steve and his team helped us prepare for what was to come.

We knew we were on par with anybody in terms of stiffness, but we wanted to have a significant drop in weight. Thanks to the latest FEA software, we introduced advanced tube shapes and layup optimization. This gave us a radical change in design that set the pace for the future. Very light, super stiff and comfortable enough for the long Tour de France stages.

New molding technology let us drop the weight by more than 15% on this 5th generation frame. Instantly adopted by Astana Pro Team, it was ridden to numerous victories on the World Tour Circuit. The day Fabio Aru won a Tour stage and took both the Polka Dot and the Yellow jersey on this frame, I really felt like we had accomplished something special.”

Gervais Rioux, Founder, and Chief Innovation officer

Proven On the Podium

Over its 15 years, the Gallium Pro has seen and won it all. From local circuits to national titles, from Spring Classics to Tour de France stages, the Gallium Pro has been ridden to countless podiums around the world.
Jakob Fuglsang winning Liege Bastogne Liege 2019 on the Argon 18 Gallium Pro.

A Tribute to Our Heritage

Each Gallium frame iteration pushed us to new levels of performance, and we thought we should celebrate this by drawing on past graphics for inspiration.

From the very first Gallium we’ve borrowed Gervais Rioux’s signature and Argon 18’s 2005 logo, alongside a new, contemporary graphic treatment of the logo on the downtube. All this on a crisp black gradient background.

Argon 18 Gallium Pro Disc 15th Anniversary Edition

Argon 18 Gallium Pro Disch 15th Aniversarry

Check it out online, in our Lab & Store in Lynge or at one of our authorized partners – find a partner near you in our store locator.

Available from ultimo September 2019.

United Cycling Styling

We have styled the Gallium Pro Disc 15th Anniversary the United Cycling way, so you can see how cool looking this bike really is.

We have dressed the bike with:
– Dura-Ace Di2, 
– HED Jet 4 GP wheels, 
– Vittoria Corsa 25mm tires, and 
– Pro Vibe carbon cockpit.