Willing and Able // Argon 18 Krypton Pro

The Passion to challenge oneself is an infinity race. Your personal companion is your bike, always willing and able, for the longest rides, the steepest climbs and most challenging conditions.

If you are persistent, and if you want your bike to be the same, your bike must be suited for all types of rides and conditions you throw at it. It has to be stiff, and ready to battle both the bunch and your buddies, light to master the steep climbs and comfortable enough to take a Gran Fondo challenge.

The new Krypton Pro is your perfect companion. Informed by Astana Pro Team at Paris-Roubaix and ready to meet the demands of La Marmotte, the Krypton Pro may re-write the story of the perfect ride with an optimal balance: a layup that integrates weight, comfort, and stiffness.

The Right Material in the Right Place

Argon 18’s R&D team was determined to create a comfort- oriented frame based on layup alone, without resorting to gimmicks or add-ons.

“By studying endurance-specific load cases, we oriented material where needed to maximize vibration dampening, without losing efficiency in power transmission. This let us eliminate excess weight where not required."
Martin Faubert
VP of Products at Argon 18

Smart Integration: Accurate, uncomplicated, and adjustable

The Krypton’s fully integrated cable system with proprietary stem and steerer allows for accurate routing and hidden cables, but doesn’t call for a trip to the shop every time an adjustment is needed. 

Designed for easy fit and with travel prep in mind, it also allows a 2cm adjustment range of stack and reach without having to bleed the brakes.

To offer a tailored fit for all riders, stem lengths from 70-120mm are available, and our 3D+ system extends the headtube with three positioning options. 

This increases rigidity by 5% at 15mm and 11% at 30mm, versus traditional spacers.

Aerodynamics: Make even more miles disappear

Argon 18’s knowledge of aero performance from the Grand Tour-proven Gallium Pro and Nitrogen Pro informed the Krypton line, itself also race-proven on the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix.

Krypton Pro Features

The Krypton Line

The Krypton line features classic endurance bikes with race pedigree: stable and comfortable rides with a relaxed rider position while keeping true to Argon 18’s performance heritage.

From tube shapes to carbon layup, both frame and fork were designed and optimized for vibration absorption, aerodynamics, and pedaling efficiency.

A slightly longer wheelbase than the racehorse Gallium Pro offers additional stability while retaining race-ready capacity.

Endurance-specific fork design, dropped seat stays and higher headtube angle merges comfort and performance

Proved in the Harshest Conditions

To test if the Krypton Pro really is willing and able, we let Hugo Houle from Astana Pro Team test the bike in the 2019 version of Paris-Roubaix. 

Hugo Houle on the Argon 18 Krypton in Paris-Roubaix 2019 (Photo: Getty Images)
“The Krypton offers me more comfort and stability which I need on the paved sections. Given its geometry, its use of T.C.S. technology, higher headset and fork angle, I could better handle the 55 km of irregular cobbled roads."
Hugo Houle
Rider at Astana Pro Team

Simon Rode 07:07 in La Marmotte

Krypton Pro is the optimal Gran Fondo bike, perfectly suited for a race like La Marmotte. Simon Pyll Truesen from our EnRouteLaMarmotte-group chose the Krypton Pro for the 174km and around 5.000hm in the French Alps. Simon finished in 07:07.

Simon Pyll Truesen Rode 07:07 in La Marmotte on the Krypton Pro
"Krypton Pro is a very comfortable bike. Light and very fast, both up the mountains in France and on the flat roads north of Copenhagen, where I live. The bike is clean and stylish without sinful cables everywhere. I really enjoyed the ride and couldn't have wished for more in a bike for La Marmotte.
Simon Pyll Trusen

Argon 18 Krypton Pro

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Argon 18 Krypton Pro

Available from ultimo September 2019.

'Frameset of the Year' Award

The Krypton Pro has been granted with ‘Frameset of the Year’ award by the British magazine Road.cc. 

Argon 18 Krypton Pro has been awarded with the 'Frameset of the Year Award' 2019/20.