La Marmotte on the Krypton Pro

Simon Pyll Truesen loves to challenge himself. 

He has been running for the past many years. Everything from fast 5km to grueling ultra runs in the Norwegian mountains.

Simon Pyll Truesen in the French Alps before La Marmotte 2019.

Simon does not settle with just finishing. Simon want’s to perform as his very best. He is training every to improve. He is not elite but very capable with with a 5k PR on 16:32.

When the opportunity to ride La Marmotte showed up, he could not resist – the challenge was too daunting.

After the spring with lots of long bike rides, the battle should stand in July 2019. Simon against 174km in the French Alps with around 5,000hm and some of the most mythical mountains, known from among others, le Tour de France: Glandon, Telegraph, Galibier and Alpe d ‘Huez.

It should turn out that Simon had done his homework carefully and completed the classic in the impressive debut time of 07:07:55!

Simon Pyll Truesen conquering Alpe d'Huez during La Marmotte 2019.


The EnRouteLaMarmotte-group consists of roughly 50/50 cyclists and runners. Coming closer to race day the runners are alarmed by the length of the rides and how hard people are training so close to Sunday. We hade several rides in the stunning Alps, and even climbing Alpe d’Huez twice before race day.

 If we were preparing for a marathon we would fear going down the stairs for a cup of coffee. At the end we tell each other that we just have to trust the more seasoned riders that we will be ready instead of worn out.

Simon Pyll Truesen (at the far right) and the rest of the EnRouteLaMarmotte crew after finishing La Marmotte 2019

Simon Pyll Trusen

Photos:  Private and Peter Ebro / United Cycling 

Simon Rode Argon 18 Krypton Pro

At La Marmotte Simon rode the brand new Argon 18 Krypton Pro. The top bike in Argon 18’s Krypton line of endurance race bikes. 

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Argon 18 Krypton Pro
"Krypton Pro is a very comfortable bike. Light and very fast, both up the mountains in France and on the flat roads north of Copenhagen, where I live. The bike is clean and stylish without sinful cables everywhere. I really enjoyed the ride and couldn't have wished for more in a bike for La Marmotte.
Simon Pyll Trusen