A new cycling community has taken off in Copenhagen. Argon 18 is proud to be a humble sidekick to the new Mikkeller Cycling Club 12.16.


A Powerfull Joint Venture With a Common Goal

The cycling club is a joint venture between the two Copenhagen based brands; the brewery Mikkeller Beer and Brian Holm’s cycling apparel brand 12.16.

Mikkeller Beer is having beer bars all over the World. The two founders, Mikkel and Søren, are keen runners, why many of these bars is having strong running clubs.

Now Mikkel and Søren have found a new passion in cycling, and have teamed up with Brian Holm’s apparel brand, with a common goal of moving people, encouraging them to have fun on the bike, and enjoy a beer in a cozy company afterwards.

As Mikkeller Cycling Club 12.16 are writing on their homepage:

“Take part in shaping new community of ambitious cycling, ambitious drinking and teamspirit!”

Join the Ride

You can join the ride every Saturday 10 AM from Mikkeller and Friends in Stefansgade 35 in Copenhagen.

Meet up and find a group that matches your pace and mood.

Follow Mikkeller Cycling Club 12.16 on Facebook for more info and updates.

Photos:  Peter Ebro / United Cycling