17-year old Emil Schandorff Iwersen secured the overall win of the Danish Junior Cup after winning the last race at Amager, Denmark. Now the World’s in Yorkshire are waiting . 

The dreams are big. So is the talent. Emil will follow in his former club mate, Magnus Cort, rear wheel and wishes to ride the biggest races – maybe side by side with his idol.

We followed Emil at one of the last race of the season in Sengeløse. And have had a talk with him about the future, after the win, before the World’s.

Team ABC Junior getting the race brief before the race in Sengeløse.
Emil Schandorff Iwersen (to the left) before the race. Sebastian Adreasson to the right took second place.

The World's in Yorkshire is just around the corner, and you have been selected for the roster along with your club mate Joshua Gudnitz. How does it feel? And what are your ambitions?

It’s a great honor to represent Denmark at the big championships. So, I’m of course very excited!

I’m feeling confident after a great 2019 season. And my recent win in the last stage of the UNO-X Cup, and the overall win, shows that my form is good.

I wont try to predict any ranking, but I’m fit to give everything I’ve got on the british roads!

Emil Schandorff Iwersen stashing up the pockets with energy gels.

When we see you riding your bike, it seems like, you've never done anything else, but how long have you actually been cycling?

I’ve been cycling since I was 9 years old. I’m 17 now, so it’s about 8 years on the road. 

I played soccer at first, but it didn’t last long. I then started racing BMX Track, which I did for about 2 years. Then I started with road cycling in the Amager Bicycle Ring.

The race celebrated 125 years for ABC (Arbejdernes Bicykle Club).
Team ABC Junior is the youth elite devision in Arbejdernes Bicykle Club

Now you ride for the ABC Junior Team. What kind of team is that for you?

ABC is a team that allows me to develop as a rider. We learn to ride as a team and how to help each other. But I still have the opportunity to ride my own chance in various races. 

It is a team with a good moral and “team spirit” that gives results on the road. A team where everyone is equal.

The Danish junior champion from Team ABC Junior, Joshua Gudnitz, hunting the front group.

Why Team ABC Junior and not any other team?

I chose ABC because I could see them doing things differently than the other teams. Everyone gets their chance to race, but at the same time we have a strong team spirit where you help each other. 

I chose the team because it works well both on and off the road. Another reason is that the people behind the team are very committed to the team and the riders. 

The theme has shown that you can get on the World Tour. Magnus Cort e.g. raced for ABC as a junior. He is now a professional and has won a stage in the world’s largest cycling race; Tour de France. 

I think it’s a cool team that has good roots in cycling. My grandfather, father and uncle have also been riding with the club, as coaches and as youth riders. So, for me it is also very cool to be in a club where my family has some history.

Emil Schandorff Iwersen with Sebastian Andreasson in his wheel.
Joshua Gudnitz in the front midway through the race.

What makes you want to ride 125km around a field outside Sengeløse on a Saturday morning in September? What drives the motivation?

The dream of one day driving it to something bigger. The dream of becoming a professional and living of it. Cycling is my passion. I hope one day to be able to turn my passion into my way of living, where I don’t have to worry about anything else and focus only on what I love the most; cycling. 

That’s why I choose to ride around a field outside Sengeløse on a Saturday in September.

Eighth round in the UNO-X Cup was a 125km ride around the farmer fields in Sengeløse west of Copenhagen.
Nikolaj Mengel on his Argon 18 Gallium.
Kasper Søgaard pushing hard.

Now you have reached the national team for the World’s. But what result are you most proud of?

Definitely winning the last race of the Uno-X Junior Cup, as well as winning both the white and yellow rider’s jerseys (overall ranking and best youngest rider). 

Another result that I am also quite proud of, is having ridden Paris-Roubaix for the junior national team. It is a very special feeling to ride on the legendary cobblestones in the national team clothing.

Strong crosswinds made the race hard for everyone.

Magnus Cort, who have been cycling in ABC, is now riding for Astana on the World Tour. Where are you in 5 years?

Hopefully, I’m a professional in 5 years, but there’s still a long way to go as a first-year junior rider. But it’s just about following the dream and working hard for it. But I can clearly see my myself riding side by side with Cort in 5 years.

Sebasstian Andreasson in a break away.

Cort seams like a leading star for a young ABC rider, but are there any riders in the sport that inspires you?

As such, I have no idols. But I have always looked up to the old Danish pro riders. Riders like Rolf Sørensen, Brian Holm, Bjarne Riis and so on. There’s something cool about the old racers. Not so much talking and whining. It’s just about pushing those pedals. But also the new generation with Michael Mørkøv, Lars Bak, Jakob Fuglsang, Michael Valgren, Kasper Asgreen, Asbjørn Kragh, Magnus Cort etc. It is great to see Danish riders in today’s pro field, who deliver results at the highest level. My goal is to be in the same peloton.
Marckus Njor winning the race in Sengeløse in front of Sebastian Andreasson.

About Team ABC Junior

Team ABC Junior is the cycling club Arbejdernes Bicykle Club’s elite venture, which consists of riders in the age group 17 to 19 years. The team has been very dominant in the Danish UNO-X Cup in the 2019 season with overall victory for Emil Schandorff Iwersen, second place for Joshua Amos Gudnitz, who also became Danish champion, and with 5 riders in the top-10. The team is sponsored by United Cycling with Argon 18 bikes.

We wish Emil and the rest of the Danish riders the best of luck in the Worlds.

Emil Schandorff Iwersen won both the white (best young rider) and yellow jersey (best overall) in the Uno-X Junior Cup.
Team ABC Junior

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Photos:  Peter Ebro / United Cycling