“We actually went to this area by coincidence. We had it recommended to us by another bikerider from Madrid”
 – Rasmus Rask Vendelbjerg

The tough Navacerrada-climb is the most ridden in the history of the Vuelta – Located in the middle of Castile.

The area’s hayday is long overdue, cycling-wise aswell, where most people will be drawn towards Allicante, Mallorca or Girona. 

But the plateau north of Madrid – where “0” starts about 1000m above sea level – presents an amazing terrain and a remarkable isolated atmosphere, that is impossible to find anywhere else in southern Europe. 

Rasmus Rask Vendelbjerg and Simon Baungaard took the Argon 18 Gallium Pro Disc on a ride in the scenic surroundings of Navacerrada.

Wild natureparks, over 100km without meeting a single person, but thousands of sheep in northern-esque surrondings is the experience of the Navacerrada-climb.  

Tough climbs with rough tarmac, dry and sparsely populated mountains and plain only interrupted by giant windmills and picturesque villages completely emptied of people.


Many absurd and breathtaking experiences – but the most striking was the wild isolation. It is simply a completely desolate area where even the cities seem ghostly. A part of Spain that seems to have completely stalled. Small, local epicenter – among others in the town of Riaza, where we happened to ‘run into’ a bull run. Very Spanish!

Argon 18 Gallium Pro Disc

Argon 18 Gallium Pro Disc

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Original text: Rasmus Rask Vendelbjerg
Photo: Rasmus Rask Vendelbjerg & Simon Baungaard