The Argon18 powered Team Vorarlberg Santic has sent one of their many talented riders to one of the most successful teams in the sport Deceunick-Quickstep. Jannik Steimle started as a stagiaire on the powerful team in August and shortly after, Jannik was awarded with a 2-year contract on the Belgian team. 

During his short time on the team, he has already impressed with a victory on the team’s home turf the Flanders. Earlier this year, he was second in Tour of Austria, won two stages and came second in the overall sprinters competition.

We have talked to the young talent and his sports director, legendary Brian Holm from Deceunick-Quickstep, about the future and what Jannik has learned during his time on Team Vorarlberg Santic. 

Jannik Steimle in his new Deceunick-Quickstep kit.

Brian elaborates on their decision to sign Jannik for Deceunick-Quickstep: The chances of getting a contract as a stagiaire is limited but a rider who wins 2 races in a short period is always interesting and often leads to chances for success, and winning in Belgium is never easy, even in the smaller races.

It started early

Jannik started racing bikes at the age of 10 in the town of Krichheim Teck where he was born in the spring of 1996. Like many other kids, he had been around the block trying different sports.

Jannik’s life on two wheels started on a mountain bike, until the day his father came home with a road bike and he was completely sold. He knew road cycling was his sport.

With the contract with Quickstep, he can finally begin to harvest from all the hard work on the road that he spent to get to this level in the world of cycling. He describes it as a childhood dream.

It has been very hard work, even with time away from the bike, but Jannik has been persistent. Now his life changes completely and he already feels the stress and pressure that comes with a World Tour Team contract, social media and working harder than ever. But he is grateful. Quickstep is one of the most legendary teams in Pro cycling and it is a dream for most cyclists to wear their uniform.

Do What it Takes and Dreams About Tour Down Under

Going back to the start of his road career, Jannik was selected early for the Germany Federation trainings due to good results, and he knew that professional cycling was what he wanted to pursue.

Jannik acknowledges that the mentality on Team Vorarlberg Santic and his progression during his time on the team has been essential if he wanted to be professional.


At the same time, it has been a family for him. Directeur sportif Thomas Kofler from Team Vorarlberg Santic elaborates that it is the basic values of life, something they are trying to teach their riders combined with discipline and courage. Cycling is a team sport and most results are not accomplished by one rider but the entire team. Being professional throughout the year is also a key element in Jannik’s development. It is a lifestyle and Thomas emphasises that it has to be fun to be a cyclist.

The hard work has already started and Jannik is aiming for the Tour Down Under in January as his major debut on the World Tour scene. Brian Holm thinks there might be a chance to see him Down Under in January.

Nothing is settled yet and it is a tough season start.

The Future

Jannik has great expectations for the future and Thomas Kofler believes a bright future waits for Jannik, and there are even more riders from TVS that we have to look out for in the future.

Jannik delivered when other riders sacrificed their own results for him, and he is very grateful because not everyone can do that. Jannik is a rider of the future.

"Jannik is a real German. They always believe in themselves."
Brian Holm
Sports Director, Deceunick-Quickstep

Brian Holm elaborates on the mentality:

“It is difficult to set a personality, everyone is different, but when you start at Deceunick-Quickstep, you start at the bottom. You have to work for your teammates, and the riders will get their chances. Deceunick-Quickstep wants to protect the riders and give a guy like Jannik a chance in smaller races. It should be no surprise to Jannik that work starts at kilometre 0, just like Kasper Asgreen.”

For Brian, it is important that you are humble and patient as a young rider, still after you impress with a 10K solo break for victory.

Perfect fit for Quickstep and the dream about a Tour stage

Jannick describes himself as an all-round rider with a speciality in the harsh and cobbled races during the classics season.

Even though, he has proved that he can sprint, the question is what the future holds for him. He dreams about winning one of the prestigious Tour de France stages or a Classic monument.

“His self-esteem and self-awareness are great. Jannik believes that he is a man for the coming years. Hopefully, we will get to see a lot to this talented rider the next 15 years. There is no plan for an early retirement from the sport,” says Brian Holm.

His former sports director agrees, and he is happy that Team Vorarlberg Santic can deliver riders to the highest level of the sport. 

The things they learn on the team are highly valued in the sport and a rare commodity. It attracts the best talented riders to Team Vorarlberg Santic, also when we can see that the team can be a steppingstone to where the real fun begins.

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Photos by E. Haumesser and by R. Eisenbauer.