Q & A: An Interview with Olympic hope Anne Holm

20-year-old Anne Holm is one of Denmark’s most promising short-distance triathlete talents. Anne is Danish champion in the Sprint discipline, which consists of 750m swimming, 20km cycling and 5km running. A diametrical contrast to the hyped Ironman. In Sprint it’s all about raw power, speed and technique! And here Anne is a true Olympic gold hope for the future.

We met with Anne on the road for a Q&A session about the 2020 season, the Olympic games and training, a chilly and sunny January day on the roads near Kettinge in northern Zealand.

30x1 min. intervals - it takes some determination to compete at the highest level in the sprint triathlon.

How was today's training?

“The ride today was both long and hard. 4 hours in total. It was 1 hour warm up, 30×1 minut hard/1 minut rest and then 2 hours cool down. 

Who really likes the pain of hard sessions? Personally, I like when it’s done, knowing that I’ll be become a stronger rider.” 

Where are your training right now?

“It’s basic winter training. Just a lot of mileage. My triathlon season doesn’t start untill may but I have The Eastern Danish Championship on long course coming up soon.”

"Who really likes the pain of hard sessions? Personally, I like when it's done, knowing that I'll be become a stronger rider."
Anne Holm Profil
Anne Holm
Professionel Short Distance Triathlete

How many hours of training do you clock this time a year? And how much when you top your training?

“I have the last couple of weeks had an average training load around 23 hours. Last week I had 26 hours in total. 

It varies a lot how much I do of each discipline, but I do most of my training on the bike. I’m training every discipline more or less every day and then I also have several strength training sessions every week.”

What is your favorite training session on the bike at this time of year?

“At this time of year I really enjoy riding 2-3 hours easy, alone, listening to a podcast and then end the ride right around sunset.”

When Anne Holm is competing she is riding the aerodynamic and super fast Argon 18 Nitrogen Disc.

How do your spring plans look like?

“I’ve signed the contract with EJOT Buschhütten but I haven’t raced for them yet… but I’m looking forward to do so. 

I think my first race is gonna be an Italian Grand Prix in Milan for my Italian team ‘Cus Propatria Triathlon Milano’.
I doesn’t got a major race in sight, but my goal is to do well in all my races. I got a German and an Italian team but I also have a French and a Spanish team, so there’s gonna be a lot of races in 2020.”

Today's training was together with her older brother and two of her friends from her former triathlon club.

Is Tokyo 2020 in sight?

“The chances of going to the Olympics are unfortunately very small in 2020. We were trying to qualify as a team but due some external circumstances it’s become almost impossible. But my ambitions are high, and I’ll keep fighting for qualifying – if not for Tokyo, then for Paris in 2024.”

Anne Holm

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Anne pushing her limits on the beautiful, winding country roads near Ketting in Northern Zealand.