Denmark set a new World Record in the Team Pursuit qualifying at the World Championships in Berlin. Actually, they set it twice … 

The Danes finished the first qualifying 4k in WR 3:46,579. And in the first round they set another WR in 3:46,203!

See the pics from before, under and after the record.

On the Road to Tokyo

Setting a World Record is a step closer tothe final destination for the Danish National Track Team. They are aiming for the top of the podium in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

“The goal in our binoculars is the Olympics in Tokyo 2020. No doubt. And we are already now building up for that. We are aiming for medals!” underlines the Danish team mechanic, Mads Severinsen with a big smile.

And it’s easy to say, that the chances are good. Especially seen in the light of the team’s latest performances … ​