When Denmark clocked 3.44,672 in the final at the World Championships in Berlin 2020, and secured themselves the rainbow stripes, it was the fastest time ever! Actually, they set a new World Record three times within 30 hours.

The Danish team was riding the Argon 18 Electron Pro track bike, that is developed in a close collaboration between the engineers at Argon 18, the Danish team mechanics and the Danish riders, leading up to the Olympic Games in Rio, 2016. See how in the movie in the end of this post.


Rasmus Lund's Argon 18 Electron Pro.

The Danish Race Machine

In the Team Pursuit final of the 2020 World Championships, Denmark’s strong starter, Rasmus Lund, raced with this setup on his Argon 18 Electron Pro track bike.

  • Frame: Argon 18 Electron Pro (size M)
  • Wheels: Mavic Comete Rio Edt.
  • Handlebars: Argon 18 basebar + 3T Vola aero bars
  • Chain: UFO coated CeramicSpeed
  • Bearings (headset, cranck and wheels: Ceramicspeed
  • Chainring: Peekrings 58t
  • Cog: EAI 13t
  • Powermeter: SRM
  • Tires: Vittoria Pista Speed 23m
  • Pedals: Look Keo Blade Carbon
  • Saddle: Prologo Ergo TT

Why Not the New 2020 Version?

The Danish Track Team is riding the 2016 edition of the Electron Pro, despite the fact that Argon 18 just launched a new 2020 version, developed in corporation with the former world champions from Australia. A bike which the Danes have decided not to ride, despite the fact that the bike is tested more aerodynamic than its predecessor. 

In the World Championships 2020 it was clear to everybody, that it’s not all about aerodynamics. It’s sport. And in sport there are many parameters that underlie a performance such as the one we saw in the World Championship final. Everything must go into a higher unit, and the riders must hit the day and ride up to their very best. So did Denmark and put everyone to the brink, smashing the world record by almost 3 seconds. 

The Danes where just better.

The paintwork on the frame is specially designed for Denmark by Jacob Ørholm.
The iconic code of arms introduced for the Rio Olympics 2016. Designed by Jacob Ørholm.
Mavic Comete Rio wheels
Argon 18 basebars
All the Danish bikes are tagged with the rider's nicknames.
13T EAI cog in the back.
All bearings are Ceramicspeed.
Peekrings 58t mounted with a SRM powermeter.
UFO coated Ceramicspeed chain.
Prologo Ergo TT saddle.
Basebars are equipped with an antislip material for better grip.
Vittoria Pista Speed 23mm tires.
Look Keo Blade Carbon pedals.
The Electron Pro is designed in Canada.
It's all in the detalis...
3T Vola aero bars.
The Electron Pro attracts a lot of attention in the inner circle at the races around the World.

Developing the Electron Pro

Pictures: Peter Ebro / Argon 18 Nordic