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Lynge, Denmark

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ARGON 18 LAB & STORE / UNITED CYCLING Vassingerødvej 147 DK-3540 Lynge +45 3163 8361 CVR: 38677470

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Contact our Showroom Manager, Martin Ishøi, for further information about prices and booking.

Phone: +45 3163 8361 or

Test an Argon 18

Indoor or out

Test an Argon 18 demobike free of charge in the Argon 18 Lab & Store.

You decide wether to ride indoor in our Wahoo Training Center or outdoors on the scenic backcountry roads that surrounds Lynge. We mount a Garmin device with routes installed, and you are ready to ride.

Demofleet: Gallium, Gallium Disc, Gallium Pro, Gallium Pro Disc, Nitrogen Pro, Nitrogen Disc, E-117, Krypton GF, Krypton CS, Krypton GO!

Contact our Showroom Manager, Martin Ishøi, for further information:

Phone: +45 3163 8361 or

Test an Argon 18 demobike

The Lab

High-End Workshop

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BasisBank Finance programme

Buy now - Pay later

Through our financing partner Basisbank we offer you an easy and fast financing of your new bike. Put your items in the basket, see your total amount and then apply. You just fill out an online application, sign with NemID and complete your purchase when the Loan has been approved!
When you shop in our webshop you must borrow the exact amount that your total in the box sounds. Therefore, it is important you find your goods first. However, you can apply before or apply for! But if no loan has been approved for the order, we cancel the order after 2 business days.
When your application is approved by our financing partner, you will receive a link to the loan document that you sign with NemID. Once you have signed with NemID, we will begin to handle your bike.

Power Lab


Wahoo Training in the Argon 18 Lab & Store

Wahoo x Zwift Logo

We see ourself as a Hub for passionate cyclists. Therefore we have also invested in an ambitious power lab, fully equipped with 12 Argon 18 bikes on Wahoo home trainers, hooked up to Zwift via iPads on every bike. Ready for you. 

Book your session today! 

Network Events

Network Events in the Lab & Store

We can host all kind of cycling events in our Argon 18 Lab & Store.

Training sessions, physical tests, mechanical sessions, lectures. But also events not directly linked to cycling, like product launches, photo sessions, and network meetings.

The possibilities are endless in a space like our Lab & Store. 

AimHigh Bike Screening


"Many new to cycling decided they need a BikeFit.
I say: Yes, pushing watts hurts! Together with AimHigh we have developed the Bike Screening - a more simple tool to detect the few abnormals that actually needs a BikeFit at Rune Larsen, AimHigh. While most riders could save the buck or buy an upgrade instead."
Martin Ishøi
Showroom Manager
Proper positioning on the bike has been made into science even though bikes has been fitted to riders for the past 100 years. For most riders, it’s enough to get the basic settings correct – we’ll help you out with that, with an UC Bike Screenin. 
We are adjusting the bike to you, so your positioning is optimal, whether you want to be “Race”, “Aero” or “Comfortable”. The screening is performed by our AimHigh certified mechanics who are biomechanical craftsmen with an eye for the detail and with great experience. All screenings are filmed and sent to AimHigh, who verifies the screening. If considered, that you would benefit from a full BikeFit, you’ll be referred to AimHigh, where you’ll get the BikeFit Screening refunded in the price of a full BikeFit.

The United Cycling
bike Screener: Martin Ishøi

About AimHigh at United Cycling

United Cycling are teaming up with one of the strongest coaching teams AimHigh lead by Rune Larsen.
From 2019 Rune Larsen will both develop individual solutions for our BikeScan and bring his Philosophy to the Wahoo Lab. Contact our Showroom Manager Martin Ishoi for more information.

With AimHigh – Training & Performance, you get the best opportunities to develop and achieve your goals – regardless of your starting point. AimHigh have many years of experience and work with many sports – and athletes and practitioners ranging from the world elite to the beginner level.

AimHighs’ personal coaches and coaches meet three important criteria:
• Great theoretical knowledge and insight into the latest science in training physiology
• Experience from own high level sports, as well as experience as a coach and coach
• The ability to use one of AimHigh’s most important tools, namely the conversations, to develop the best training collaboration.

This makes the collaboration much more than a piece of paper with a training program! Since 2005, AimHigh have helped athletes to more than 50 European Championships and World Cup medals – of which 16 World Cup Gold Medals.




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