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Proper positioning on the bike has been made into science even though bikes have been fitted to riders for the past 100 years. 

For most riders, it’s enough to get the basic settings correct – we’ll help you out with that, with a Bike Screening. 

Bike Screening in Details

We have, together with one of the world leading cycling coaches, Rune Larsen from AimHigh, developed a light version of a bikefit. We call it a Bike Screening.

We are adjusting the bike to you, so your positioning is optimal, whether you want to be “Race”, “Aero” or “Comfortable”.  

We have selected the most important aspects and put them into the Bike Screening. 

Bike Screening Focus

The screening is performed by our AimHigh certified mechanics who are biomechanical craftsmen with an eye for the detail and with great experience.
A Bike Screening takes around 30-45 minutes and can be performed on both a road- and a triathlon bike.
Price: DKK 790,

Verified by AimHigh

All Bike Screenings are being filmed and sent to AimHigh, who verifies the screenings.

If considered, that you would benefit from a full BikeFit, you’ll be referred to AimHigh, where you’ll get the BikeFit Screening refunded in the price of a full BikeFit (DKK 2.000,-).

Read more about a BikeFit at AimHigh.


Contact our Showroom Manager, Martin Ishøi, for further information and booking. 

Phone: +45 31638361 or

About AimHigh

With AimHigh, you get the best opportunities to develop and achieve your goals – regardless of your starting point.

AimHigh’s Bikefit is based on analysis, science and experience.

With an AimHigh bikefit you get a well-founded analysis based on years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the body’s anatomy and biomechanics

AimHigh have many years of experience and work with many sports – and athletes and practitioners ranging from the world elite to the beginner level.

Since 2005, AimHigh have helped athletes to more than 50 European Championships and World Cup medals – of which 16 World Cup Gold Medals.

More about AimHigh – Trianing and Performance.

Where to be Bike Screened

All Bike Screenings are done in the United Cycling Lab & Store.

United Cycling Lab & Store
Vassingerødvej 147 
DK-3540 Lynge

+45 3163 8361




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