Network Events

We can host all kind of cycling events in United Cycling. Training sessions, physical tests, mechanical sessions, lectures. But also events not directly linked to cycling, like product launches, photo sessions, and network meetings.

The possibilities are endless in a space like our Lab & Store. 

An Honoured Showroom

The Lab & Store has just been named as winner of the Multi-Brand Store of the Year at FRAME Awards 2019!

See Johannes Torpe explain the thoughts behind this very special place in the video below.

Guided Tour

Get a guided tour, and hear about the origin of the hub, Argon 18, tech, the future of cycling, and about all the many special bikes, that we have made in close cooperation with 12.16, Mercedes-Benz, Michelle Vesterby, and many more. 

Mechanical Session

Our Head Mechanic, Danny Skovgren, who is also a mechanic at the Danish National Team, held a small “how-to-session” in the workshop. Telling about how to maintain a road bike during wintertime and other useful insights on technicalities on a bike.

Wahoo Power Lab

On the 1st floor in the Lab & Store, we have 12 Argon 18 bikes on Wahoo hometrainers lined up, ready for you. 

Dinner and Lectures

Next to the showroom, we have a room for approx. 50 eating guests. A perfect environment for a cozy session with good food and lectures.


We have held several events for networks and clubs. Below you can see two videos from events with Toyota Denmark and Allerød Cycling Club. 

Where is the Argon 18 Lab & Store

Argon 18 Lab & Store is situated here:

Argon 18 Lab & Store
Vassingerødvej 147 
DK-3540 Lynge

Contact Us

Does this sound like an interesting event for your club, company or network? 

Reach out to our Showroom Manager, Martin Ishøi, who is eager to inform; / 31776575.

The possibilities are endless in a space like our Lab & Store. Contact us and let’s talk about the possibilities.Showroom Manager 




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